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HKHP is a non-profit organisation founded by Sir Michael Kadoorie in 2007 to preserve history and promote heritage awareness in Hong Kong. It operates a public-access archive housing records originating from the Kadoorie Family businesses, and organises cultural programmes aimed at engaging the community. HKHP is generously sponsored by Sir Elly Kadoorie and Sons Limited, CLP Holdings Limited and The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited.


Our Archive aims to

  • select, preserve and make accessible HKHP records and those acquired externally
  • advise on business history and archival matters for the Kadoorie businesses
  • encourage and facilitate new scholarship about business and community history

The Kadoorie Family

The Kadoorie Family first arrived in Hong Kong in 1880 when Sir Elly Kadoorie emigrated from Baghdad, Iraq in search of business opportunities in the Far East. Over the coming decades, Sir Elly built up a business empire centred in Hong Kong and Shanghai, based on a blend of enterprise, long-term vision and community service. After his passing in 1944, his elder son Lawrence (later Lord Kadoorie) took the helm of the businesses and contributed to rebuilding post-war Hong Kong, whilst his younger son Horace (later Sir Horace) dedicated himself to promoting the wellbeing of our community, most notably through the Kadoorie Agricultural Aid Association. Today these business and charitable works continue to grow and thrive under the direction of Sir Michael Kadoorie, Lord Lawrence Kadoorie's son, with the support of other members of the Family.