City Impression@Central
To explore different dimensions of our unique Central District, HKHP and the Planning Department jointly present "City Impression@Central". The exhibition brings together precious photographs and videos from HKHP’s Archive, selected works of renowned photographer Mr. Chak Wai-leung, and Lego models creatively crafted by young enthusiasts, in a bid to appreciate Hong Kong’s past, which has shaped our present.
December 2015
Factory Hong Kong
Jointly presented by the HKHP and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), organised by the Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO), the FACTORY HONG KONG exhibition pays tribute to entrepreneurs and factory workers in the manufacturing industry, whose unfaltering commitment had contributed to Hong Kong’s miraculous economic expansion from the early post-war years to 1980s, while examining the crucial role the industry had played in the process. The exhibition featured interesting historical information and photographs, never-before-published oral testimonies, as well as creative art pieces developed by students of the Hong Kong Design Institute, all depicting the golden days of industrial Hong Kong in the past century.
June 2015
Peak Tram Goes To City Gallery
From a mere means of public transportation to a touristic amenity and an icon of Hong Kong, the Peak Tram has witnessed the dramatic transformation of our city over the past century, while connecting people in Hong Kong and beyond. Planning Department in collaboration with The Hong Kong Heritage Project presented a thematic exhibition on “City Impression@Connectivity – On the Right Track” to examine the changing but unique role of The Peak Tram, discovered its proximity and explored the memories of early commuters, Tram staff, the architect of old Peak Tower, as well as the Peak Tram’s lesser-known stories.
April 2015
Rising From The Ashes
This exhibition featured Hong Kong’s rich agricultural heritage and Tai Po’s early industrial development. Items on display included a rare collection of “New Territories Weekly” newspapers from HKHP’s Archive, hand tufting tools and rugs from Tai Ping Carpets as well as the premier of HKHP’s agricultural animation “Happy Farmer”. HKHP’s galleria is part of the H.A.D. Walk 2014 event organised by Hulu Culture.
January 2014
Remembering Our Urban Legacies
HKHP’s first large-scale outreach event, the programme explored Hong Kong’s urban legacies through creative design talents, oral histories and written memories. The programme includes...
July 2013
Voices and History
HKHP has been recording oral history interviews since 2007, amassing a collection of over 450 voices, each telling their own unique story of Hong Kong. In October 2012 HKHP partnered with the Hong Kong Archives Society and HKU SPACE to launch ‘Voices and History’, a day-long oral history seminar and workshop that aimed to spread the (spoken) word about the status of the oral history discipline in the city today and encourage individuals and organisations to record their own interviews. Over 100 individuals attended the seminar and many stayed on for the informative afternoon workshop sessions. The Oral History Committee was also launched under the auspices of the Hong Kong Archives Society, of which HKHP will play an active role. The Oral History Committee is the first committee to promote the interests of oral history in Hong Kong today.
October 2012