• This exhibition explores different dimensions of our unique Central District in a bid to let us appreciate Hong Kong’s past which has also shaped our present.
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  • Factory Hong Kong, 2015
    Depicts the crucial role played by local manufacturing industry in Hong Kong’s miraculous economic expansion from the early post-war years to 1980s.
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  • City [email protected] – Peak Tram, 2015
    Examines the changing but unique role of The Peak Tram, discovers its proximity and explores the memories of early commuters, Tram staff, the architect of old Peak Tower, as well as the Peak Tram’s lesser-known stories.
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  • Remembering Our Urban Legacies, 2014
    Together we revisit the lesser known history of local landmarks through the city’s everyday story tellers, in a bid to celebrate Hong Kong’s unique heritage.
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  • Sailing through Time, 2010 - 2011
    Featuring some of the best picks from the HKHP archive, this is a showcase of the Tsim Sha Tsui/Hung Hom waterfront's extraordinary history.
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  • The Jews in Shanghai and Hong Kong, 2010
    The stories of Jewish refugees from Europe seeking asylum in Shanghai in the lead up to World War II, told through recently recovered records, old photos and oral histories.
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