Other Heritage Activity

January 2017

Hung Hom Heritage Tour

To kick-start our tenth anniversary celebrations, the HKHP collaborated with  Walk in Hong Kong  to launch a Hung Hom Heritage Tour series, with open-to-public tours taking place over four Saturdays within February and March.

Hung Hom was chosen as our subject because of its historic link with HKHP - it is home to our headquarters and it is also the sites of CLP's first power station in Kowloon.  In addition, the district was also the 'industrial stronghold' of Hong Kong and an important base of economic development, and has thus played a pivotal role in local history. 

The tours began at Ho Man Tin MTR Station, and along the way were nostalgic alleyways, temples and cinemas, presenting a vivid contrast between the old and the new.  The tours also covered the sites of three former factories from yesteryear - China Light & Power, Hong Kong & Whampoa Dock Company and Green Island Cement.  The final stop was the HKHP Archive, where visitors could find out more about Old Hung Hom through our archival collections.