June 2020

International Archives Day 2020 – HKHP’s Effort in Empowering Knowledge Societies

With the advent of digital age and rampant disinformation in recent years, authentic information and reliable evidence have become all the more essential. HKHP has been committed to offering trustworthy information by preserving content, content and structure of acquired collections adhering to the international standards and best practices.

The diverse functions and users it serves are testimonies of trust it has built and garnered over the years. Apart from the academic researchers on popular topics such as business, agricultural and industrial histories, our archives have been consulted by users for social betterment, as well as a better understanding of Hong Kong identity and culture. Uses by engineers for transport infrastructure improvement, for heritage impact assessment in planning district public works shown in the photos below are some of the examples.

HKHP's corporate users equally require reliable archival materials as stronger shields towards increasing public scrutiny. More requests coming in from communications departments seeking research or fact-checking for press materials and senior management's public speeches, and verification of social media content involving historical information.

HKHP is aware that trust is also forged by understanding our users' needs and enhancing accessibility. We shall seek to strengthen HKHP's digital capacities to preserve digital born materials, integrate different archives forms and management systems, with a view to continuously add value to the businesses and empower our knowledge societies.

With our future archive facility set to be open in 2022, we shall design our new repository with high preservation standards, and strive to instil versatility and flexibility into the gallery and communal space for more engaging and wider variety of programmes for the community.