January 2017

Our 10th Anniversary!

Hong Kong has always been proud of its heritage!

The Hong Kong Heritage Project is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017.  Initiated first to gather the history of China Light and Power Company, and the Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, this project has grown into something Hong Kong people would be proud of.  It preserves not only the way of life in the past, but also the present day life. And we have drawn on some 500 personalities from all walks of life to give their histories, their personal experiences, and these are now available for future generations who will be interested in Hong Kong.

We must thank the government for embracing the project, and the many other individuals who have given of their time to let us know of their experiences and generously sharing their many stories which are of interest to all of us. The many narratives encapsulate Hong Kong’s dynamism, its ability as a can-do city, and an inspiration for those who read and will follow.

History is built on the past. The present day is extremely important but the future is brighter still! 

**A number of anniversary initiatives targeted towards our different stakeholders will take place throughout the year, the first among them was the Hung Hom Heritage Tour held in February and March.  Our flagship anniversary exhibition Eye on Hong Kong was unveiled in September.