April 2016

Young Historian Programme - A New Phase

Over the past three years the Young Historian Programme (YHP), in partnership with the Hong Kong Baptist University, has provided a successful platform for students to learn about Hong Kong’s history through inter-disciplinary approaches and participatory learning. The first YHP syllabus introduced oral history as research method, which was kicked off with an in-depth preparatory workshop in March 2014. . This year, we have launched a new phase of the YHP for past participants interested in further pursuing the oral history discipline.

We recently started recruiting former YHP ‘alumni’ to become members of the new HKHP Oral History Interview Panel.  One aim of the new phase of YHP is to supplement and enrich the materials we already possess. Therefore, the Panel will target a different theme for each interview, for example on the topic of Hong Kong’s agricultural history or CLP’s community relations. In doing so, we hope to combine voices from different neighbourhoods, strata and professions and present a more comprehensive picture of Hong Kong’s past.