YHP Activity

Conservation and Preservation

With the support of the Government’s Conservation Office (CO), YHP once again presented its annual Conservation Workshop. Participating secondary schools included Munsang College, which has its very own school museum, as well as our frequent collaborator Heep Yunn School and the 200 year-old Ying Wa College.

The workshop was kicked off with an introduction on conservation and preservation from representatives of the CO. Students were then given a chance to try their hand at conservation techniques including photograph matting. On the second day of the workshop the students visited the HKHP Archive and were shown the conservation work undertaken in a private archive, and the expertise required for this line of work. The students later went to the Munsang school museum and were also encouraged to try out the lessons learnt in the two-day workshop.

'In the course of our teaching we stress the importance of extracurricular activities, so that our students are not limited to just textbooks. In the past, this might have meant visiting a museum or other cultural organization. Today, we’re grateful that YHP has offered something truly different in that students can come into direct contact with history. Our school has taken part in YHP’s oral history programme and thanks to HKHP, our students were able to have in-depth conversations with elites from different walks of life, which has been most beneficial to them. The Conservation Workshop was also an eye-opener, even to myself! Before, I thought that most of the staff working in a museum would have a history or arts background, but in fact there are quite a few chemists that work there as well. Another bonus from the workshop is that it provides an opportunity for interaction with students from different schools. '
- Ms Karen Chu, Teacher, Heep Yunn School -

'Although our students signed up for the Conservation Workshop as part of their Other Learning Experiences (OLE) activities at school, their enrolment was on a voluntary basis. The overall responses were very satisfactory and those who joined were happy that they did. As far as I know, the CO does not often organise activities like that, so the students have the HKHP to thank for this rare and valuable opportunity. I thought many of the conservation pointers depicted in the workshop were very practical indeed. I only wish that some of the handouts were distributed at the session so that students could take them home and refer to them in the future. As some of our students are already experienced in conducting interviews (mostly with our own alumni), we would also be interested in taking part in YHP’s future oral history programme as well.'  
- Mr. Regulus Chu, Teacher, Ying Wa College -