HKHP Experience Sharing Seminar
HKHP conducted a seminar as part of International Archives Day 2015. Clement Cheung, our Manager - Archives and Records, talked about the challenges the HKHP faced in its early days, in aspects such as setting-up repository, conservation and archives management system selection.
June 2015
Footprints in Hong Kong
This HKHP and HKU SPACE joint initiative included a series of walking tours, workshops and a seminar exploring the preservation of the city’s built heritage and archives. Weekend walking tours were well attended by the public and featured guided visits to historic districts including Wan Chai and Yau Ma Tei. Evening workshops were held on a variety of topics ranging from museum narrative to urban development. The seminar was attended by over 100 members of the public and provided an opportunity for professional networking and discussion.
December 2013
International Archives Day 2013
Hong Kong celebrated International Archives Day (IAD) 2013 with a week-long programme of exhibitions, workshops and lectures in early June, aimed to enhancing the awareness of archives in Hong Kong, fostering a deeper understanding of the profession and introducing archives and history to a wider audience. The event was organised and sponsored by several partners including HKHP, the Hong Kong Archives Society, HKU SPACE, HSBC Asia Pacific Archives and The Hong Kong Maritime Museum, with a view to exploring the role of records in society through the theme: ‘Your Story, Our History: Archives of Hong Kong’. The seminar and exhibition attracted 150 members of the general public.
June 2013
Voices and History
HKHP has been recording oral history interviews since 2007, amassing a collection of over 450 voices, each telling their own unique story of Hong Kong. In October 2012 HKHP partnered with the Hong Kong Archives Society and HKU SPACE to launch ‘Voices and History’, a day-long oral history seminar and workshop that aimed to spread the (spoken) word about the status of the oral history discipline in the city today and encourage individuals and organisations to record their own interviews. Over 100 individuals attended the seminar and many stayed on for the informative afternoon workshop sessions. The Oral History Committee was also launched under the auspices of the Hong Kong Archives Society, of which HKHP will play an active role. The Oral History Committee is the first committee to promote the interests of oral history in Hong Kong today.
October 2012
International Archives Day 2012
Hong Kong celebrated International Archives Day for the first time in 2012 with a day of exhibits and talks by leading members of Hong Kong’s archive community. International Archives Day was established following a UNESCO Mandate in 2007 to raise awareness of the importance of archives across the world. The event was jointly organised by HKHP and the Hong Kong Archives Society and attended by history enthusiasts, students and archivists. HKHP used the opportunity to introduce its Archive to a new audience. Items on display included a selection of historic records from the China Light and The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Ltd. collections. Simon Chu, Chairman of the Hong Kong Archives Society, gave a lecture on the importance of archives to society.
June 2012