Our Collection

about oral history.jpgHKHP's photograph collection reflects the multiple facets of Hong Kong's recent history. With hundreds of old photographs collected from various Kadoorie businesses and interests, the core collection showcases the history of Kowloon, with a focus on heavy and light industries, power supply, the agricultural New Territories, and the evolution of tourism and tourist amenities. 

Our holdings also include photographs captured by Lord Lawrence Kadoorie, an avid photographer who captured urban and rural streetscapes. HKHP has been fortunate to receive numerous photograph donations from Hong Kong and overseas that have greatly enriched the collection.

A selection of images that offer unique glimpses of Hong Kong are on display in Photo Albums.

Please contact us for further information on our collection.

about oral history.jpg本項目珍藏的照片大部分源自嘉道理家族及其業務過往百多年來的不同活動,它們除見證了有關機構的成長外,更反映了香港的歷史進程。由第一盞電力街燈綻放光芒一刻,到本地農業興盛,以及製造業和旅遊業的流金嵗月,這些照片正好成為二戰前後香港的社會及經濟變遷的速寫。