About Young Historian

young historian banner.jpgThe Young Historian Programme (YHP) is an education platform of HKHP through which students can come into contact with history outside of the classroom. We work with universities, secondary schools and youth groups through YHP, allowing students to learn about history and heritage preservation and to apply what they have been taught..  

The three objectives of YHP are:

1.  Inspire – to demonstrate that history is not just textbook knowledge or a school subject.  It is in fact all around us and has a direct influence on our present and future. 

2.  Educate – to pass on our experience and know-how in historical research, archive management and conservation.

3.  Apply – to encourage students to put what they learn into practice, whether in everyday life or through their careers.

Since our partnership with the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)'s History Department on a community oral history programme in 2013, the YHP has presented a wide range of activities to heighten heritage awareness and to share expertise, which included conservation workshops, Hong Kong History Badge for the Girl Guides etc.

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1.  啓發 - 令同學們認識到歷史不單止是書本上的知識或是應考的學科,其實環顧身邊俯拾皆是,並且對我們現在及未來的一切有著直接影響。

2.  傳授 - 將我們在蒐集史料、處理檔案及保存文物的上的經驗和心得與同學們分享。

3.  應用 - 鼓勵同學們學以致用,將得著融入生活、學業及事業,另外繼續參與本項目的活動,輔助我們進行歷史推廣工作。